How to Use WordPress to Build a Crowdfunding Website

Do you wish to create your crowdfunding community one day? It may seem like an impossible task if you do not possess the right technical skills. Truthfully, it’s more than possible to create a fantastic fundraising website using the WordPress platform. You just need a crowdfunding plug-in, a theme suitable for your site, and you have to have WordPress installed. That’s all there is to it!

We’ll now take the time to talk about each option and share the best possible solutions to meet your needs. This way, when the time comes, you’ll be able to open up your crowdfunding website and have backers pouring in to help designers, inventors, writers, or anyone else that you desire to assist with crowdfunding.

IgnitionDeck: The Perfect Crowdfunding Plug-In for WordPress


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As far as using WordPress to create crowdfunding websites, there aren’t too many plug-ins worthy of your time and attention. To put it frankly, your options are incredibly thin.
Out of the few available choices, one Phoenix has risen from the ashes. And that plug-in is called IgnitionDeck!

Why Is This Plugin So Popular?

For starters, there is a free version that you can try. Install it on your WordPress website, take a look around, and see if it will be suitable to meet your needs. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but the free plug-in does not offer nearly as many bells, and whistles are the premium version. But it does give you enough to get a feel for the plug-in so you can discover what it’s all about.To truly capitalize on this plug-in, you will need to pay for the premium option. It has many incredible features that are way more advanced than anything else currently available today.

To truly capitalize on this plug-in, you will need to pay for the premium option. It has many incredible features that are way more advanced than anything else currently available today.
The advanced features include dashboards and membership registration, front end project submissions, e-commerce plug-in, Kickstarter importer plug-in, additional IgnitionDeck extensions, 500 Framework Crowdfunding Theme, plus PayPal and Stripe integration.

As you can tell, upgrading to one of the premium options is certainly the right choice. It will help you develop a crowdfunding website that is fully functioning and ready to help the masses.

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Crowdfunding Related WordPress Themes

Now that you’ve discovered the best plug-in, it’s time to consider some of the better WordPress themes for crowdfunding sites.

Our Favorites Includes

1).Backer WordPress Theme


This theme has a clean, minimalist design. It’s perfect for those looking for a modern, sleek crowdfunding website to present to their visitors.

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2).Fundify WordPress Theme

Fundify-WordPress-ThemeIgnitionDeck currently owns this theme. So it makes sense to consider it because it will definitely be compatible with their crowdfunding plug-ins. Plus, it’s a very popular choice because it’s easy to navigate, it’s simple to create crowdfunding campaigns, and people seem to love it.

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500 Framework

For a free WordPress theme, this option is truly worthy of your time and attention. It’s free when you buy the IgnitionDeck plugin, so you’re in luck if you do not feel like paying for one of the other premium themes mentioned above.

This framework makes it simple to customize your colors, and it’s easy to integrate the checkout process. It has numerous child themes available which give you the opportunity to have many amazing features and a wide range of looks.Conclusion


WordPress seems to stand out from the crowd as far as website building goes. The many developers that use WordPress have designed plug-ins and themes that are easy to use, specific to your needs, and quite straightforward. If you’re trying to start your crowdfunding community or looking to set up your personal fundraiser for one of your ideas, know that WordPress is the perfect choice to build your fundraising platform.


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