Do you want to create an awesome Freelancer marketplace like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance and 99designs? The Powerful freelancer WordPress theme, i.e. HireBee from App Themes will be perfect to start your own freelancer marketplace with the most popular content management system, WordPress. This WordPress theme will let you to create your own niche market place for any type of service where the employer can easily post task/jobs and where the freelancers can easily bid the work.

You can easily setup the pricing plans and take a cut of each project. It’s easy to monetize any niche by providing a crowd-sourced project matchmaking service. This WordPress theme follows the current trend for a clean and simple modern design, You can easily change the color of your website using five built – in color schemes and customize using the WordPress tool.

You don’t have to worry about the notifications, every important action in the HireBee WordPress theme triggers a notification that will be immediately visible on the users dashboard and is also sent by email so users are always up to date. The notification can be easily managed from the user dashboard.

HireBee Freelancer Theme & It’s Features

HireBee freelancer marketplace wordpress theme review

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HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. This WordPress theme created in the foundation framework which is one of the fastest and the best responsive design framework, and makes HireBee easily accessible from any browsers or mobile devices. This framework is also very popular amongst developers and designers by virtue of being so easy to work with.

The App Themes keep the things so easy to take control of your HireBee powered freelancer website. You can easily change everything from very small thing to big, with just a few clicks using the administration of your HireBee Theme without any extra effort.

Key Features:

  • User Dashboard : It is a single page where your users have access to all their notifications, projects, proposals, purchases, contact info, reviews, favorites and site stats. Each project is clearly marked with their current status.
  • Powerful Pricing Plans : The pricing plans will give you the ability to generate income. You can easily create multiple plans for your website. You can assign plans to categories, offer featured project on home page and category pages.
  • Monetize Your Site : This WordPress theme allows you to generate income by charging for posting, featuring and mark projects as urgent and for posting and/or featuring proposals.
  • Custom Project Form : In the freelancer marketplace, one can never think that all the field provided in the project form is sufficient. Therefore, the powerful form builder will let you create your own project form by allowing you to add your own custom fields.
  • Easy File Uploading : You can easily upload the file to your freelancer website using super friendly WordPress media manager interface. You can easily control upload file types, size and limits.
  • Participants Workspace : The Participants workspace is the place where both participants, employer and freelancers, get easy access to a unique workspace where they can both manage the project.
  • User Favorites : With so many projects available on your website, the users need to choose the ones that best fits their skills. The users can easily mark projects as favorite so they can view them in their customer dashboard.
  • Credit Plans : The site owners like you can easily monetize on freelancers proposals via credit plans. The credit system is same as pricing plans, but they use a credit system that enables freelancers to send or feature proposals.
  • Fast and Easy Project Matching : Through category, location type filters or skills, your site users can easily find the most relevant projects for their skills.

Other Features:

  • Choose Candidates : The employers can easily access their project proposals from within their dashboard and from there analyze and choose the winning proposal.
  • Save Filters Widget : The frequent users should be able to browse through their most relevant project without going through all the categories and subcategories each time they need to find projects.
  • Credit Perks : You can easily give free credits to your freelancers using the credit perks. The site owner can offer free credits for each new registered user.
  • Sidebars Galore : This WordPress comes with sidebars that can be used for adding widgets. You can easily use the different sidebars that can be used through most of the site sections, including the apply to project and post a project form.
  • Terms Negotiation : After an employer chooses a project candidate, it’s important that both parties agree for the project before the official assignment.
  • Separate or Shared Roles : Most of the time employers usually post projects and freelancers apply to projects, but sometimes employers can also be freelancer or vice- versa. You can easily give this wonderful flexibility to your site by enabling “shared role capabilities” so each role share capability

Some More Features:

  • Easy to use option pages
  • Widget enabled sidebars
  • Admin dashboard
  • Themed & Login Signup Pages
  • Regional time and date format
  • Multiple Currency support
  • Multi – language support
  • Multiple Gateways
  • Mobile device support
  • Unlimited web sites
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) etc..

How You Can Earn From A Freelancer Marketplace?

Running a freelancer marketplace is not a piece of cake, you have to spend money on web hosting, domains, theme purchases, email marketing service for running it. You can easily earn lots of money from your freelancer marketplace with the help of following features.

  • Google Adsense : You can easily earn extra income after placing Google adverts on your website. You shall earn a commission for every click.
  • Membership & Ad Packages : This WordPress theme lets you to create a membership package and listing packages, each package can have its own price structure.
  • Posting & Featuring : This WordPress theme allows you to generate income by charging for posting, featuring and mark projects as urgent and, for posting and/or featuring proposals.

What Next?

If you are interested in getting this theme then you have to pay out $99  where you will get updates for lifetime. Once you buy this theme and make it your own, then you can use it on unlimited websites. You can easily opt for this amazing theme for your freelancer marketplace website any time you want.

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  1. The best freelance job board is XPlace. It has higher hourly rates than the majority of other online marketplaces, doesn’t charge a commission from freelancers, and there are a lot of job opportunities (entry-level and more complex ones). An excellent website to make a freelance career!


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