Hovercards were designed with convenience in mind – they allow you to look up user information or change your settings for replying to or following a user without leaving your home timeline. Simply hover over the username or avatar of anyone who appears in your home timeline (even if you’re just seeing their username in an @himanshuarora19), and a snippet of their information will display. From this view, you can choose to follow the user if you do not do so already.

Clicking the ‘more’ button will yield more information on the user.

Clicking the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner of the hovercard will bring up a actions menu for your interactions with that user. From here, you can choose to Follow/Unfollow the user, send them an @reply or Direct Message (DM)*, block them, or report them for Spam.

Remember: you can only send DMs to users who are following you.

Hovercards will be rolled out to all Twitter users in stages so not all of you will be seeing them right away. If you don’t see them yet, be patient!

Can I turn them off?

Hovercards are a permanent feature added to enhance each user’s experience of Twitter. It may take a few minutes to learn how they work, but once you get the hang of hovering and taking action without leaving your home timeline, you’ll save so many clicks that you’ll never want to come back down to Earth!


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