Facebook is a good social networking site. It is a  site where all the people discuss their  problem with each other . It has more than 400million users .It also allows people with same choice and interest .

There are so many login problem like lost password etc.But i try to give you solution about most common problem.

1 Incorrect Email address or password :

It generally occurs when password or email address  is enter by somebody and have spelling error .First clear all the email address then reenter it nad also check spelling .Before entering a password always check that caps lock key is turned off because as it is case -sensitive on entering a password it is rejected by facebook and you will be directed to back to the incorrect passward page .

2 Facebook show login error:

Facebook login error faced by many user and due to this they feel irritating .But they unaware of the fact that this problem is occur due to user action not due to browser .Sometime while login in facebook user click on Remember me which create problem in future so do not tick on remember me while login in facebook

Now to solve this login error problem you have to follow this steps:

  • First of all Clear all cookies and cache from yours browser ( learn how to clear browser and cache in different browser )
  • If you are sucessful in login then ok otherwise recommend you to install yours browser again or e different Browser.
  • If you dont want to face this problem again in future dont store cookies in yours browser ,set yours browser cookies to expire automatically whenever you close yours browser.You can do all these by going through Tools > Option and there after setting all browser function as mentionn above or according to yours requirement.
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