Ctrl+N – It use for Open New Browser Window.

Ctrl+T – It use for Open New Tab on Existing window.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 – It use for Close the current window or Tab.

Ctrl+R or F5 – For refresh The Page

Ctrl+F5 orCtrl+Shift+R – Refresh the page with override cache

Esc – Stop

Ctrl + O – It use for Open File

Alt+Home – Home

F1 – Firefox Help

F11 – Toggle Full Screen of Browser Window.

Ctrl+Tab – For Changing Tab between Existing window.

Ctrl+U – Open View Source Page of any webpage.

Ctrl+I or Ctrl+B – Open Bookmark window in left sidebar

Ctrl+P – For Print Command

Ctrl+A – Select All

Ctrl+S – Save Page As

Ctrl+D – Bookmark This Page

Ctrl+F – Find

Ctrl+G or F3 – Find Again

Ctrl+H – open History Window In left Sidebar.

Ctrl+J – Open Downloads Window

Ctrl+Z – Undo Your Process

Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z – Redo your Process

Ctrl+C – Copy

Ctrl+V – Paste

Ctrl + Shift + Delete – Clear your Private Data

F7 – To Open Browser in Caret mode

Backspace or Alt+Left Arrow – Back

Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right Arrow – Forward

Alt + Enter – Copy your existing window tab and Open It in New Tab

Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + Shift + Tab — rotate forward to the next window tab

Down Arrow – Scroll down

Ctrl+ “+” or Ctrl+ Scroll up – Increase Text Size (Zoom In)

Ctrl+ “-” or Ctrl+ Scroll Down – Decrease text Size (Zoom Out)

Ctrl+ 0 (Zero) – Normal Text Size (Default Zoom Mode)

Alt+ Scroll Down – One step page go down

Alt+ Scroll Up – One step page go Up

Ctrl+Shift+I – DOM Inspector

Ctrl + L or ALT + D – Select Location Bar

Ctrl + Enter – To complete URL with .com

Ctrl + Shift + Enter – To complete URL with .org

Shift + Enter – To complete URL with .net

Ctrl + Up Arrow – Choose previous Search engines to search information

Ctrl + Down Arrow – Choose Next Search engines to search information

Alt + Up Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow – Open List of available Search Engine


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