Choose a privacy level for each scrap!

If you’re interested in tuning up your scraps experience, now you can choose to send a private scraps to a friend!

On the new orkut, before posting a scrap, just change it’s visibility to ” private“, and that scrap will remain visible only to you and the person receiving the scrap, so it stays completely secret. For old orkut users, all private scraps are going to be clearly identified as well, and a private scrap reply will also be always private.

Here four suggestion available in visible to from which you have to choose one.Details about above suggestion are

  • Private means that the content (a photo, video, etc.) is visible only to some selected people, as decided by the person who initially posted this content. For scraps, that’s only the person who wrote the scrap and the one that received it. Others won’t see anything.
  • Friends means that all friends can see it (photo, video, etc.). If it’s a scrap, it means that both the sender’s friends and the receiver’s friends can see it. Other users simply won’t see anything either.
  • Public means that any orkut user can see the content.

You can choose the privacy level you want before posting a scrap, and no one will be able to change it after that. Until today, all scraps were actually public and you could only control if they were visible or not on your own page – but you couldn’t control the scrap privacy on a friend’s page. So now you’re gaining even more privacy options.


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