See how Are Baby look like a new scam going on Facebook .It is malware type of scam which effect your computer with lots virus , malware and also steal your personal information which can effect you.

When you click on Show Me a series of instruction is open that is designed byy clever hackers .they first ask you to click CTRL C ( copy the highlighted code) ,ALT D ( which takes your cursor to the Browser address bar) CTRL V (which pastes the code into the address bar).Completing the steps will post the spam message on your wall and load the following survey.



When you completes the above survey the scammers get the information provided by you in the survey which can harm you.If you downloaded games or other files on your computer could be infecting with a virus ,trojan,malware.

If you did the mistake by clicking On Submit then first clear your wall by clicking on “X” button .You should cleanup your newsfeed and profile to remove references to the scam.

If you made a mistake by giving your cell phone number in the number then first contact service provider immediately to keep the bogus changed appearing.

If you downloaded any kind of games from the survey then first update your antivirus.If you dont have any antivirus installed in your computer then install it on computer.

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