A New scam called My Top Profile Viewers is going on the facebook .this will give view of profile to the users but they dont know  that the information given by them can used by the hackers for their benefit.


Never copy thee java script and pasted into  your web browser it may harm your computer and never download any kind of files from these kind of scam .the downloaded file may have any type of virus like Trojan,malware etc.



If you made the  mistake by pasting the code  into your web browser and your friend receiving scamming message then first clean your wall post by clicking ‘x’ mark and remove post from your wall


If you made the mistake of submitting your cell phone number for any of the surveys, then you should contact your carrier immediately to keep any bogus charges from appearing.


If your friends fall in these type of tricks then its time to informed them about these scam .to updated with scam information join us on facebook.


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