Facebook has almost half a billion of users .It is the world largest Social networking sites .But many of time most of scammers create scam and spread it on facebook.Among those A New scam is rolling on facebook i.e“facebook has Now Dislike Button enable the feature @ Bitly”

A picture show above is a message which shows you that fb Has new dislike button  .When You click on it will take you on the following window.

Scam asking you to copy the given code and paste it in your browser.Ypu Should never [paste the code directly in to your browser address Bar ,it may contain virus such as Trojan,malware etc. However it may deliver the following survey scam .

When you finished the above survey the scammers will get the commission and if you have download anything From the survey.It may spread virus in your Computer .Never download any kind of Games from these kind of survey.

If you have already click this message then first clear your news feed  by click on X button ask your friends to do this also.If you have given phone no in the scam then contact your service provider ask him to tell you about any bogus thing .The information given by you in the survey may also crate a danger to your Identity Theft must be focus on the identity theft and check you credit card and bank statement for any Cash outflow problem.

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