Microsoft ,a world-wide software leading company  introduced its all new feature of outlook .Now you can see your Facebook status updates, photos and wall posts in real time in your own outlook.

As the world’s most visited site, Facebook is the crown jewel of Microsoft Outlook Social Connector, a plug-in that blends social networking with e-mail. Microsoft debuted the plug-in with LinkedIn contacts in February, and added MySpace to the mix in March.

Now facebook is a strret on outlook. but you cannot like anything  or post updates of your own. Microsoft told Mashable that it plans to let users push data to social networks in the future, but didn’t mention Facebook specifically.

Outlook isn’t the first mainstream e-mail service to get social networking integration. Yahoo Mail began pulling in Facebook status updates in March, and Hotmail joined the trend with Facebook and MySpace support in May. Google’s Gmail charted its own path by integrating Google Buzz. I think it’s a natural progression for communications; the same blending of social networking, e-mail and text messaging is happening on smartphones.


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