After WhatsApp announced it’s latest WhatsApp Business app, a lot of new marketers, agencies, companies, and various small & big business along with brands, all have started asking the same question.

How do we start blasting messages to our target list of prospects, clients & customers? How can we promote our business by gaining more visibility and access to our target users on WhatsApp?

Best-WhatsApp-Blasting-ToolsEven though, WhatsApp did release its business version of the mobile app. But, that doesn’t mean your door to advertising or blasting on WhatsApp has gotten any easier.

There are no official options to start doing WhatsApp Blasting. And hence, there are 3rd party options that most of the marketers are now left as an option to begin promoting, marketing, advertising and blasting their messages via WhatsApp.

Here in this article, I will highlight some of the best options available for marketers to start utilizing, and benefiting, by promoting their products & services on WhatsApp and have the ability to maximize it as a blasting tool.


  1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender – This is the top WhatsApp blasting tool used by some of the best marketers for WhatsApp. It is an all in one automation tool that allows you to do all sorts of activities for promoting your business on WhatsApp by giving you the ability to blast 1000s of messages within few seconds. You can even try this software for two days free of cost.
  2. WA Panel – This is a web-based WhatsApp blasting panel, which allows you to run automated WhatsApp blasting campaigns instead of relying on any WhatsApp Blasting Service or WhatsApp Blast System. It’s a standalone server based app. That can be installed on your web server to run your own WhatsApp Blasting campaign.
  3. WA Bulk Panel – Just like WA Panel, this is another web-based blasting script that can be used by WhatsApp blasting experts to run their own self-hosted WhatsApp blasting campaigns. This is state of the art, highly intelligent, artificial intelligent WhatsApp blasting system which works using advanced P2P channel distribution network. In short, it’s the most advanced WhatsApp Blasting System & Software that can make sure that your WhatsApp channels are never blocked on WhatsApp that easily. They provide a free demo of the system too. So, I suggest you check out the demo and then understand more by trying the product itself.
  4. WA Bulk Sender – This is a desktop based WhatsApp Blasting Software designed for people with a not much big list. If you want just to start using your own WhatsApp number and promote your messages to a couple of 100 numbers in your contact list. And have an ongoing one to one communication with your list. Then, try this tool. Because it uses as it’s the main platform and then signs in your number to start running blasting campaigns using your number. Those ways, you can receive replies and continue chatting regularly with your prospects, customers & clients.
  5. WA Group Sender – This tool is specifically used to run WhatsApp Group Blasting Campaigns. This tool creates multiple groups, adds your target mobile numbers list in the group, drops your message into the group, and then removes each group members and runs your campaign. The advantage of using this tool is to bypass the restriction of active website links and mobile numbers that you will face otherwise when running an individual messaging campaign using several other tools.
  6. WhatsApp Software – This company provides all kinds of different WhatsApp Blasting Software, Script, Tools, and Solutions. You can also purchase WhatsApp Channel Finder Tool, WhatsApp Channel Registration Tool, WhatsApp Channel Generator, and other tools that are related to registering bulk WhatsApp Channels using manual and automated method using WhatsApp Channel Registration APIs.
  7. Blaster Bulk Sender – This is a similar tool like WhatsApp Bulk Sender. It’s an automated all in one blasting tool with all kinds of WhatsApp automation functionality. Make sure that you purchase the original version directly from the developer from their official website. Or else you might end up losing money, and also not gain any update to it’s the latest version in case you purchase the copy from a fake seller/cracked copy sellers selling a copy at a cheap price.
  8. WhatsApp Dominator – This is probably the latest version of WhatsApp desktop tool in 2018. This tool has been designed by the developer of WhatsApp Bulk Sender. (The developer claim to have left WhatsApp Bulk Sender to start his program). I tried this software and was able to send lots of messages using the same channel in one go. Which most desktop tools failed to do.
  9. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing – This is an all in one solutions provider for WhatsApp blasting solutions. They provide different kind of WhatsApp Blasting Software, Tools, Scripts, Channel Registration Tool and also offer WhatsApp Blasting Service for people who want to scale their campaigns on large numbers.
  10. WhatsApp Channels – This website provides different kinds of Bulk WhatsApp channels from various countries such as India, Philippines, China, Russia, UK, USA, Canada along with Brazil. You can purchase different packages for WhatsApp Channels that are generated using virtual as well as real SIM Cards depending on the country channels you decide to purchase.

Here’s my tip for purchasing any WhatsApp marketing solution:

I know, it can be a lot confusing when there are so many tools available online for running WhatsApp Blasting Campaign. And in the starting, it can be even more confusing because you might not know anything about WhatsApp Blasting, and then it gets difficult to understand the technical aspects of running continues WhatsApp Blasting.

But, after running my own WhatsApp Blast Promotions since several years now. And trying and testing the majority of the tools that exist on the web for running your own WhatsApp promotions via blasting. I can assure you that I have lost lots of money, time, energy, efforts, and opportunity cost. I have learned a lot of things.

So, if you are planning to purchase any kind of WhatsApp marketing solutions. As a suggestion I want to tell you that you should go for a solution which is updated from time to time, and also uses the latest techniques to make the software & script work against running WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of new tools which can bypass the WhatsApp blocking filters and hence able to reach the massive audience without having to lose your WhatsApp channels.


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