Google plus,A New social networking site from google .Google plus is a good and sexy looking social networking site from google.Google plus has Inbuilt Video chatting.Since many of People are now using facebook and Yahoo services for chatting.So You want to Import your yahoo friends to Google plus.

Here are steps To Import Facebook Contacts to Google+

1  Login To Yahoo account,If not have create one.Then Go to Contact Tab in the mail Dashboard and click on facebook  Icon & in the next screen you shall be ask to connect.Yahoo Will import All facebook names and Email To a contactList.

2 Go to Your Google plus and log in your account.Click on Circles and then Click on Find and Yahoo agree terms and conditions.Now Google will import your yahoo(facebook) contacts to Google+

3 Add All the facebook fiends you want to Google+ into your circles.The Go to Google+ dashboard and compost a new post and share it with the circles which you want.but make sure you click on Also email to people not using Google+

Facebook has not allow third party to export the contacts .If you are not on Google + we shall invite you to Google+.Just Go to my Google plus profile which is linked below and send me your Email Id and i shall invite as soon as possible.You must login in your Google before sending mail to me.

First Like my facebook page and subscribe to us then i shall invite you on Google plus

My Google Plus ProfileClick here


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