Gtalk a freeware chat service from father of search google .you can access gtalk from any place of the world and from any device laptop,mobile,pc etc.It is and instant messaging service .you can talk do chat with your friends or relative with in seconds.

The Google Talk client is only available for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7), but the Google Chat browser plugin (for voice and video chat) is available for Windows, Intel-based Mac OS X and Linux

Here Are some tips for Gtalk users

1 How to invite Friends

To add Friends, simply click on the +Add button in the lower left hand corner of the gadget, and type in the email address or Google Talk username of your friend in the search bar.

2 How to send Files:

To Send a file to your Friends ,simply click on send files in your chat window.a pop up window open select the files you want to send then press ok .Once you send the files ,your friends receive notification when he/she accept the files then  file transferring is complete

3  How to make a Call

To Call A friends ,click on call button or you can also make a call by clicking on .next to a name from your friends list.To make you must have microphone and speakers.


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