Many users registers themselves with twitter and do sharing with their friends but they don’t no about customize twitter.But Don’t worry I tell you about this great feature of twitter.

Customizing Twitter profile with themeleon

Its really easy to customize your profile using themeleon.Its takes only a minute…….

Just login in your themeleon page  and  you are about open a whole new world of graphics and art for your twitter profile.

Choose a pallet you want,customize the background,text,and sidebar colors.

Here is the RGB color options that you get to use to make a colorful twitter profile

Only thing left is to click on the save changes button and hooray you just got a whole new twitter profile page.

The only thing that I did not like about themeleon is that there is no option to upload any images or graphics.

If you need custom Twitter page for your twitter profile. you can follow us on twitter and gave us your queries

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