Facebook is a fastest growing social networking website.Facebook is good for both business and individual.Most of the users want to customize their facebook page using widget and social networking tools.Here In this Post I would like to give some tips about customizing facebook pages .

1 FBML :

Facebook markup language application helps to adds a box in your facebook page where you can insert html or fbml.This application allows you to create facebook welcome page.

2 Social RSS:

It is a application from where you can twitter,blog updates to your facebook page.

3 NetworkedBlog:

Networked blog is a community of blogger from where you can promote your blog .Add your blog in this community and updated your blog on facebook with this application.


Yakket is a application which sync your twitter tweets to your facebook page.

5 Promotion For Facebook Page

romotions for Fan Pages enables companies & agencies to easily create and launch interactive promotions & marketing campaigns on Facebook Fan Pages within minutes


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