Every time our little brother and sister just doing chatting  on social networking sites.We Stop them but they dont .We just want to delete their social networking accounts so they would stop doing chatting.But Dont worry I Tell about How To Check Kids Password in Mozilla .I Got this tutor from my brother who told me about this thing.Well Iam Regular Net surfer but I also Dont know about this thing.

Lets Come To The Point……….

When a Newbie login in any account a firefox open an option to remember a password or not.As the newbie they click on Remember which record their password in the Mozilla memory.

Steps To View Password.

1 Go To FireFox Top Menu and Click On Tools.

2 On The Tool Option Click on Option.

Now Firefox Option window will be opened.On The Option window we need click on Security Tab.

To See the Saved Password Click on Saved Password.You may be promoted with one more alert with your confirmation after that you will see the saved password.


Whenever you close the Mozilla Firefox you should must clear the recent history to save yourself from some Big Disaster


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