Google Vs facebook ,It is not a new story for us.But there is something happend between google and facebook which caused  gmail removed from friends finder.As it is said  Google states that “any service that accesses Google’s Contacts API — which makes it easy to import your list of friends’ and coworkers’ email addresses into another service — will need to offer reciprocity.” Facebook did not comply with this and as such, is restricted from accessing it.

A New user from America finds that there is no Gmail icon in the friends finder list.But it seems users from Latin America and India, where users still can import contacts from Orkut and Gmail.

It is also said by some users that they sign up with their gmail account but they are not able to import their gmail contact .When they are trying to used this feature a message is showned “Everyone on this contact list is already on Facebook or has already been invited.”

As Recently facebook announced its all new message service which give big competition to Gmail ,yahoo, Hotmail etc.Do you think these Big Rivals will compete with each other


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