Facebook a world powerful social networking site which has loyal 600 million users in the world.It has 25 million users in India only.They keep introducing new feature for its users and publishers.

Facebook Now pays you10 Centts for watching certain Ads.they launched this feature on May 5 .As when users click on ads then they can get Credits in return.No Doubt What is facebook credit,Credit used to buy thing from Deals.But it is a good for the user as 10 cent sis not high pay.

This new is currently work with only games,that not include all games.Game publishers such as Zynga,Crowdstar,Digital Chocolate are a one of the top game publishers..these game publisher will provide free credits to the user.As few days ago users  can used credits for buying products  online from facebook  virtual stores such as gift card etc.but now they can use credits to purchase real products from Facebook Deals which is good.

So start saving credits for your product which you can give to your love one


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