The father of social networking called facebook has more than 25 million users in India .In the event held in Gurgaon, David Fischer vice president of advertising and global operation of reveal some traffic details of India.

According to Fischer Facebook has 25 million users every month in India .the average time spent by people in India is about three hours per month which relatively than the time spent by people on Google (1hour 50 minutes ) per month In India.


Fischer also said that the facebook has 500 million users profile in the world which is relatively higher than the website (90 million) in the world.Facebook has 250 million active users on any given day.

The social networking site allows users to create profile ,add photo,upload videos ,share thoughts and has a good feature.Facebook has given a high competition to their competitors.

Facebook has over 100 million Internet users which is almost 10 percent of India population 1.21 Billion. Although India is at the third position in the largest Internet World list.


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