Meet Epic:Your New Best Friend

Recently Indian team of Mozilla at Bangalore announce the launch of our first browser i.e Epic

Epic has following features:

  • 1500 plus wallpapers and themes ranging from freedom to film stars.
  • Indian language translation,this type of feature help the user to write their email in mother tongue and  instantly using english keyboard
  • 12 supported language
  • Epic says “We don’t store your browsing or search data. Ever.” This also one of the big advantage where the other users of the your browser cant see the sites you had visited and more.

  • 1500 sidebar applications

  • 1500 plus useful application in the epic store which are free of cost
  • Epic comes with inbuilt antivirus software which protect your system from various kind of  virus.

Epic antivirus perform following task

  • Scan downloads automatically
  • Scan your system files and folders manually
  • Scans your system completely
  • Epic also features a huge collection of themes and wall papers featuring subjects related to India.

Do you want to download epic just click here


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