1 Chat With AIM Buddies In Gmail

Google officially announce the Partnership with AOl to connect their Google Talk With AOL Aim so that gmail users can talk with their AIM friends inside the Gmail.When you start  to talk with AIM in Google  talk you will notice a litter change in the Gmail .You can easily AIM contacts in Gmail  just like gmail contacts.AOL also offers a service by which you can import your AIM contact to Gmail.Currently this AIM integration comes in orkut, Google, Orkut, and Google Talk on Android phones.

2 Sort Your Important Mail Using Priority Inbox

You know the feeling of opening a email which was sent by your neighbor,family members or friends.Some Email are  mail from the blogger whom you subscribed.As there are hundreds of Email in Your Inbox .You just want delete them without read it.But Now  the Problem of sorting important is now over. Gmail comes with priority inbox which sorts your important email an give to you as a gift from your friend.  This new priority inbox feature will bring efficiency for the users. Gmail looks at the sender and actions you’ve taken on similar messages in order to decide what to elevate and what to leave alone. (Do you star them? Get rid of them immediately? Reply to them?) Like many spam systems, you can help teach Priority Inbox by telling it which messages are important and which ones aren’t.

gmail inbox priority

3 Advanced Sign In Security To Protect  You From Hackers

Gmail already did some activity for the protection of the users and also doing experiment for their users.As to protect their users Google offer a Advanced Sign In Security feature to the Gmail users.So What is Advanced Security Feature? It is an feature which protect your account from hackers .You just have to take a wizard called step 2 verification method.By this method you will protect your account more efficient.First you have to follow the wizard and while following wizard Google will setup your account with your phone and create code backup  in case you lose your primary phone.after enabling Step 2 verification a extra page will shown asking you to enter the code given by Google.After entering password.Google will call you and send an SMS and grant access to generate your new code.If you checked The remember on this computer for this 30 days then you don’t have to change your code for the next 30 days.

2 step verifcation

4 Custom Background Image Theme In  Gmail.

Gmail has most good looking themes in their theme directory.Many of he are asking to Google to get give this feature n Gmail .Several month ago  Google allow user to change their the colors of theme of gmail but now you can change background image of gmail also.To change the the background  image of Gmail  Just go to theme tab in setting and click on Create your Own theme.

gmail background image

5 Undo Certain Action In Gmail Mobile.

Sometime while using Gmail on Mobile I wrongly delete or labeled my mail .When I saw it feeling tired.But Now Gmail solve my problem .

When you accidentally delete your mail in Gmail Mail you can undo it When you are Gmail mobile web app you shall a small window to Undo four key action,delete .archive,add or remove label,or am ve a message.You shall see a yellow bar saying you can undo your previous action.

gmail mobile action undo



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