1 HOW TO: Mention Someone on Google+:

You can add mentions in G+ by using an @ or + in front of their name.Mentioning someone will cause them to receive notification of your mention.

2. Drag and Drop to Share:

You can drag and drop media from your desktop into Google+ to share it with your network.To do this you have to have the edit window already open.

3 Setting Your Notifications:

You can adjust your notifications for Google+ by clicking the gear icon in the top right hand corner.

4 HOW TO: Send a Private Message on Google Plus:


In the example above I am sending a private message to Diane Chour


5. Edit your Photos With the Creative Kit

The Google Plus creative kit helps you easily edit your photos. Photo editing is too often a chore, but the Google+ creative kit is a fast and easy way to make edits to your photos.

6. Setting Your Notifications

You can adjust your notifications for Google+ by clicking the gear icon in the top right hand corner.

7. Hack Your Profile Photos

With Gpluspic.com youcan create a custom Google+ profile pic and even hack the pics at the top of your profile page.The ability to display photos at the top of your profile page is a great branding tactic and gives a more custom look to your brand.Make Google Plus profile picture and banner using only one photo (no photoshop).


8. Stop The Noise

You can select to  mute a given post, from the notifications window as well.


9. Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts

j: In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate down to the next item

k: Navigate up.

@ or +: mention someone in a post

q: While on the Home tab, press twice the q letter on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list

Space Bar: Scroll down stream.

Shift + Space Bar: Scroll up stream.

Tab: Scrolls through comments/users on a post

Enter: Hitting Enter when focused on a Post opens up the comment box.

Tab + Enter: End comment.


10. Create an RSS Feed of Your Google+ Updates

With the unofficial G+ tool  PlusFeed  you can easily create an RSS feed of your public Google+ updates.Simply add a Google+ user number to the end of this site’s URL to get an Atom feed of your public posts.


11.Google has Many URLS ,You Can Try Anyone

Did you know you can find Google+ at various URLs? There’s:




And there is one more trick Type this one http://plus.google.com/me in your browser it will take you to your own profile.

12.Find People On Google plus.

Find people on Google plus is directory of people on Plus, sorted by many different credentials such as location, occupation, etc.Make sure to add yourself to the directory if you check this site out!.

13.Connect Facebook Twitter and Google plus:

Just Go to ManageFilter.com to use this awesome tool

 14 Get Your Google Plus Shorten URL

Plusya helps you to have a short & sweet URL for your Google Plus (Google+) profile and also helps you to share, track, and analyze your profile traffic.


 15.The Unoffical Google+ wiki

This Unoffical Google+ wiki is a useful source for Google+ newcomers. The wiki covers posting, managing circles, hotkeys and more.

 16.Google Plus Counter

Google plus counter helping you to find new people on Google plus

 17. Google+ 7 a Google Plus Desktop Gadget

G +7 is a program that shows your Google Plus stream on your desktop.This gadget is for people running Windows 7 as their operating system and want Google+ in their desktop, and has many cool capabilities.


18 .Instaport

Instaport is a simple way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file.You can then use it in combination with Google+, Facebook or any other (photo) application.

19.Google Plus Widget:

With Google plus widget you can showyour visitors that you are on Google+ and make it easy for them to connect with you.




20 Track Your Google Plus Profile

By registering an account with Social statistics you can log in with your Google account) you can start to track your progress in terms of how many people have included you in their circles.Once you register you will get a rank among all people who have registered for tracking, which is currently over 82,906 people.








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