Google plus seems to be a good social networking site started by Google to beat facebook in the battlefield.Google a search engine giant not only interested in Search but also in networking,Office accessories like Google cloud .Many Google plus just Log in and they dont know how to start with Google+after some minutes they just Log out and come to facebook to chat with their Friends.So for these Iam Now Sharing some tip and tricks With You which i learned while surfing  on Google plus.

Tips And tricks

1) How To Claim a vanity url:

Google launched the Google+ for the limited person on a trail basis .So Many of the feature yet not develop like we see in Facebook..yet Google+ not offer any small url for profile ,so that a users can easily share  profile with their Friends.So for Profile purpose .Just Go to to get the vanity url for Google+

2) Tag Person in post.

Tagging a good feature for Google plus. Like in facebook we just press @ to tag any friends.But in Google plus just press +R to tag the friends while writing any post.

3)Check with whom you are sharing:

Sometimes it easy to forget the person whom you have in your Circles.If you have any doubt while posting an update or sharing a link with your firneds then just click Limited link at the top .you shall see a photo whom you shared your post or link.

4) Share to Google+ from Gmail.

When You login in Gmail account,you shall see a Gray bar between your username and setting gear icon that says share” when you click on it you can directly share your thoughts from Gmail to Google plus.Click on share will let you share link ,videos,photos from your Gmail account.

5)Disable Google + Notification:

When you had revived a invitation from your friends/Google ,you started using Google+but your friends are adding in their circles and the notifications of adding or posting a link or videos had already flood your Email turn off email notifications visit your Google+ settings page, found by selecting the gear icon in the top right of your Google+ page, then choosing “Google+ settings.

6)Keyboard Shortcuts for Google+

  • Space —Press space bar to scroll down your stream.
  • Shift+Space–Scroll up your stream
  • J– Scroll one post down.
  • K–Scroll one post Up
  • Q- Jump to Chat feature
  • Return–start comment
  • Tab+Return–Finish the comment.

7) Disable Google plus

If Google is not made for you and want to leave the Google plus then just click on full name which located at the top address bar in Google plus then click on account setting and choose account overview and then click on Delete Button.

8)Along with shortcuts here some tips :

  • _?italic text?_ will look like italic text
  • *?bold text?* will look like bold text
  • -strikethrough text?- will look like strikethrough text

9) Upload Photos From facebook

As there is not official import add on for photos by facebook for the users of Google+.but you can import your photo to Google+ with a tricks.Just go to site will create a  online backup for your photo and you can download your photos in a Zip file .

10) Some Chrome extension for Google plus

  • Google plus lite– this extension allow you to use Google plus in the lite mode.
  • Reply and more for Google+ — this extension add a reply to author button to Google + comments and a share drop down to share a post with twitter and facebook.




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